Register for the event.

Since this is our first event, we are offering registration through the Eventbrite page. Joining any of the skates is FREE! You are welcome to join one or all of our Big Avocado Roll skates.  All ages are welcome. The trails and streets we will be skating vary with intensity and difficulty. Skating in the streets (such as the DTLA skate) are more dangerous and difficult than beach trail skating or rink skating. We will go over basic safety precautions prior to skating, but each skater takes responsibility for their own skating.

ALWAYS look before crossing traffic and pay attention to street surfaces, hills, sideways traffic, and those skating around you. It isn't safe to assume that traffic sees you so skate with caution. Be sure to bring proper clothing (including sunblock), safety gear, lights for the night skates, and to stay hydrated.

The routes are planned for inline and quad skaters but we welcome others on different forms of transportation as well. And of course, have fun!


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