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Los Angles is a spread out city with a lot of options for accommodations. We created most of our events to be relatively close to one another, but you will still need to commute to the events, regardless of your whereabouts.

For our first Big Avocado Roll, we recommend renting a Airbnb. Our skates will be held in Santa Monica, Mar Vista, and Downtown Los Angeles, with the majority being towards the “westside” (areas directly West of downtown, closer to the water). Airbnbs and hotels will likely be the most expensive nearest to the coast, but if you choose to stay near the water, you will get the Los Angeles beach experience. Nearby locations that will have Airbnb options include Mar Vista, Palms, Del Rey, and Culver City.


Public transportation is available from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles via Metro’s Expo line, which is a light rail system. To use the train, purchase a TAP card at the train station and scan prior to boarding. If you’d like to commute to events via skate, the Expo Line has paved paths and streets that can be skated to get to events. Staying close to a Metro stop will make using public transportation easier.

Another popular option is to Lyft or Uber around the city. Los Angeles is known for its spectacular traffic jams. Add extra time to your commutes to make sure you arrive on time.

Here are a couple of travel guides for those interested in further exploring the city.

Getting to know the city and culture:

City Guide:


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